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Matthew J. Haiduk

Attorney at Law

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Looking for a criminal lawyer in Kane County? Matthew J. Haiduk has dedicated a career dedicated to people like you.

Haiduk has been practicing as a criminal defense attorney working on DUI, felony and misdemeanor cases for over a decade. Prior to forming his own law office, Haiduk worked as an assistant public defender.  As a public defender, he  gave advice to thousands of clients over the same span of time it takes most attorneys to accumulate a hundred cases.  The depth of his background gives him a greater understanding of how to successfully attack criminal cases.

Haiduk takes a creative, aggressive, and professional approach. It is his practice to fight hard for his clients in order to obtain the best possible result in their case- with their goals being most important. He manages this by working extensively on criminal law and traffic cases.  With a background that includes state criminal trials, state criminal appeals, and state post-conviction proceedings, Haiduk can help you with any criminal legal problems you face.

Defending people from the start.

Before graduating from the DePaul University College of Law, Matthew was already working for clients accused of crimes. First learning how to work in the appeals courts, Matthew drafted a winning appeal prior to even graduating from DePaul.  After graduation Matthew put his diploma to work by spending “all day, every day” in court working for and advising people as an assistant public defender.  After being promoted to supervisor, Matthew left public service to start his own practice helping people like you.  He now practices mainly as a criminal defense attorney in Kane County and McHenry County.

Many Kane County criminal defense attorneys started as prosecutors and later made the switch.  While they were busy putting people in jail, Haiduk was sharpening his skill for keeping them out.  Matthew has never prosecuted a person like you.  He has dedicated his career to helping people like you.

Get in touch through the contact page here or through my Google+ Profile for a free consultation.