The latest on Brittany Maynard.

Brittany Maynard on her wedding day

A few posts back I wrote about Brittany Maynard, her brain cancer, and her choice to die with dignity.  Of course, she won’t be making that choice in Illinois- we like laws and regulations almost as much as we like imprisoned lawmakers.

She’s released another video. If you’re not aware, she had originally set this weekend as the date to pass on under her own terms.  This video it tough to watch.  She seems to imply at the beginning that the date may change, although that seems less likely the further you watch.

There is, obviously, no  happy ending to her story or any other similar stories.  Perhaps, some day, Illinois will lessen its regulations on death. While that still can’te be a happy conclusion to Brittany’s saga, it certainly would be a positive step.

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